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Over the years, communicating has changed tremendously. From oral tradition to email, the future of communicating is endless. Writing has been around for centuries. With the new emergence of technology there is a difference in the way people write. There is many pros and cons to this situation. Technology has brought about writing on laptops and the iPad, as i did in high school. For me, using a iPad for all of high school made a complete difference in the way I write. On one side, it has made my eyesight a lot worse. Staring at an iPad all day on maximum brightness to reduce glare is something that was a huge con for me. Handwriting is also something that was affected. I would be tapping on virtual letters on a led screen for up to 10 hours a day. There wasn’t any actual pen to paper. When I would have to write on a paper, my writing speed decreased tremendously and I can barely read it. Being in college, I have to write as fast as possible to get all the details during a lecture. It is very difficult for me to do this because for the four years of high school, I tapped letters.

A group of 2462 educators were surveyed and to my surprise, largely agreed that technology plays a positive role in the development in student’s writing. This is due to things like creativity, expression and collaboration. These educators say that writing with technology has a lot of pros and cons but dealing with the cons can bring a huge advantage with the pros. Out of this group of educators, 96 percent of teachers said that using technology makes it more possible to work with a wider audience in writing and have people more engaged.

With all of this being said, I think technology’s cons out-weigh the pros when it comes to writing. People rely on things like spell check and applications to fix your grammar for you so they do not have hands on experience. If schools start teaching children to write using things like computers I believe it will be detrimental to the future.

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