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Bullying is not anything new. Physically or mentally, we have all been through some kind of bullying. It is something that was always here and will never go away. In modern society there is an emergence of something called cyberbullying. It is defined as the use of electronic messaging to bully or harass one. This is a lot different than the playground bully because someone could sit behind their computer and say whatever they would like without any physical confrontation. A cyberbully is able to say whatever they want without anyone being able to do anything about it. That is, of course, until there are serious consequences. With technology taking over, many people have joined social media applications and chat rooms. It is an amazing thing to be able to talk to a group of your friends all together without being with them. But for some people, it gives them a certain “power” over people. According to a survey by Amanda Lenhart, 94% teens stated that they go online for one purpose of another. Out of that 94%, 63% of these teenagers used it daily. Of this group, 32% of them reported that they were somehow harassed or bullied over the internet. That is an extremely scary number. This is just one study. According to another study by UCLA psychologists, “75% of teenagers were bullied online and of that, 85% were bullied in school.” These significant numbers show that cyberbullying is way more prolific than the regular school bully.

The violence that occurs in schools today is something that is monitored very well. Teachers can see a bully in the school and be able to make them stop. However, these teachers are not following their students on social media. It is something that is systemic and will require communities to fix. Schools nowadays are implementing rules about these things in their handbooks. It gives some students a sense of security, but for others it is just more words on a page.

With cyberbullying noted as a common and prevalent thing, federal courts have decided to take action. The victims of these cyberbullies has been recorded and the suicides are mounting. Cyberbullying can cause a wide variety of mental health disorders and has been known to completely ruin children lives.

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