Jimmy or James?

It is very weird to think that one can search up anyone on this universe using the internet and find information about them. The internet is interesting because it can really violate one’s privacy without anyone really doing anything. What i mean by saying this is that one particular person does not have to write an autobiography about you for people to learn a lot about you. While one lives their life using social media and registering for things online, their information goes to the world.
When I search my name, James Musso, on the internet, what i find is intriguing. Due to my nickname “Jimmy” I cannot find anything near the amount of information if i were to look up “Jimmy Musso”. I believe this is mostly because when I signed up for things like Hudl, a site where you post your sports highlights for exposure, I used my nickname Jimmy. While this does not pose a problem to me I feel as if it can be a problem for future networking.
When I press images I do not find any actual images of my face. What I do find is many of my football pictures. I am not sure why and I don’t think this is a bad thing but it is interesting. This makes me think.. In twenty years from now are my coworkers going to look me up and only find my high school highlights and stats?
On the social media aspect nothing of mine comes up. I am not very big on social media besides Instagram and Snapchat. I didn’t even have a Twitter until a few weeks ago. I feel this has may pros and cons. People will not be able to know my personal business as well as others but at the same time since people won’t know me as well, will I be able to network as well?
As I am moving on in life I will be able to find these answers. When you think about it in four years I will be in the real world getting the answers to all of these questions through experience.

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