Technology Autobiography

Living during this day in age means that technology will always be used. But what really is technology? Webster’s Dictionary defines technology as “the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry”. This can pertain to anything from medicine advances or computer technology.

I would like to believe that I was very privileged as a child. Being able to have things like a computer and a phone growing up is not always possible for everyone. The computer was something that I was very interested in. I was given a computer at a very young age. Knowing how much society relies on technology I think that this was a very good thing. My parents had to ask me how to do simple things on the computer before I was even ten. After spending many years educating myself with a computer I was given a phone. From what I can remember this played a pivotal role in my life. I felt as if I had some sort of connection to the world now. Having a phone as a child to me was comparable to winning the lottery. Technology like phones are nothing like the real world but can really open up the real world to someone who has not experienced life yet. This can either mature a person or be detrimental to the development of them.

Kellenberg Memorial High School gave people the opportunity to use an iPad as an alternative to books. It was a very strange change to my education but also a very good one. Being able to have every single one of your notebooks on a simple tablet was unheard of before I went to high school. It is crazy to think society developed from oral tradition to being able to understand a current vernacular then to writing and now electronic books. It may be something that people do not really think about but it really shows how much things can change in future generations. A phone is a simple touchscreen led light that we see most of the population using on a daily basis. Imagine being a Sumerian in 3000BC and trying to create the first writing system. This was one of the biggest turning points in history and now a smartphone can talk to you.

Every single day technology is making advances. From using a iPad everyday in high school I now bring a laptop to my classes. From paging in everyday at work I now sign in electronically. My main question is how much further can technology develop? Will people be telling robots to do their laundry? It is amazing to think how much further humans can make these advances and I don’t think there is a cap.

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