What do we really own?

Having social media is not as private as you think. Data ownership is something that people should take more seriously. I know that when I download an app i never read the terms and service. Having looked over terms and services of popular social media applications, it is clear that you are actually signing over your rights to this organization. When posting a picture on something like Instagram you are giving this company ownership of this photo. This photo will forever be in the digital world. Even when deleted, the company still has record of this and can look at it if they wanted to. An interesting thing about the terms and services is that, if you really read them, it is apparent that they can access anything in your phone when you press accept. This is something that is a little scary. Having full ownership of your data is something that most of us probably don’t have. This is something for future generations to really think about before making social media and posting what some teenagers do today. The sad part is that this is society today. Children are growing up with social media out of the womb. I do honestly believe there are ways to prevent these things from happening but it has to happen as a community. The world lives as a whole and society tends to move towards what gives you more clout.

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