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Save a Life

Bullying is not anything new. Physically or mentally, we have all been through some kind of bullying. It is something that was always here and will never go away. In modern society there is an emergence of something called cyberbullying. It is defined as the use of electronic messaging to bully or harass one. This is a lot different than… Read more →

What do we really own?

Having social media is not as private as you think. Data ownership is something that people should take more seriously. I know that when I download an app i never read the terms and service. Having looked over terms and services of popular social media applications, it is clear that you are actually signing over your rights to this organization.… Read more →

Save Yourself

As mentioned in the article “Digital Responsibility”, Technology is something that can be effecting your physical and mental health more than you know it. When interacting with technology for prolonged periods of time, health issues such as depression and social anxiety are affecting the development of people tremendously. It is said that teens could spend as much as eight to twelve… Read more →

Blog Post #3 Digital Crime

 Tristan Harris, a google design ethicist, really makes society wonder if we are trapped in some sort of imprisonment due to technology. In How Technology is Hijacking Your Mind – From a Magician and Google Design Ethicist, Tristan depicts the frightening reality of the psychological games the internet is playing with us. There is a certain dependency in society today that relies… Read more →

Jimmy or James?

It is very weird to think that one can search up anyone on this universe using the internet and find information about them. The internet is interesting because it can really violate one’s privacy without anyone really doing anything. What i mean by saying this is that one particular person does not have to write an autobiography about you for… Read more →

Technology Autobiography

Living during this day in age means that technology will always be used. But what really is technology? Webster’s Dictionary defines technology as “the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry”. This can pertain to anything from medicine advances or computer technology. I would like to believe that I was very privileged as a child. Being able… Read more →

Blog Post #2

Technology is something that will always be changing. It has impacted our community tremendously and will play a pivitol role in life as the future comes. In high school I had the opportunity to use an iPad instead of notebooks. Knowing technology is changing the way people are educated, what will life look like in the future? In the article… Read more →

Blog Post #1

From this course I expect to learn about how the websites and social media applications are made. I am very interested in who is actually controlling these sites and how they do it. The digital world is a book of encryptions and does that people put together. With a domain of my own I feel as if I actually control… Read more →

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